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Since the sudden passing of the shliach in Hamilton, Ontario, Rabbi Zalman Itkin, Gemach chairman Shmuel Gniwisch has put a priority on researching economical options for shluchim without life insurance.

On January 1, 2008, after a year of development, The Shluchim Office created a group-term life insurance policy tailored for every shliach worldwide. Our insurer is Lincoln Life & Annuity.

The program consists of $250,000 of life insurance on each shliach for $1,248/year.  There are no age, medical or health questions for this insurance.  Every shliach is guaranteed to be accepted so long as they are currently working full-time. (Premiums are payable in American Dollars.)

The program is available for all official shluchim who are performing at least 30 hours of active shlichus work, as well as any full-time employee of shluchim. (Shluchos can be covered separately if they meet the same requirements.) Enrollment is taken in groups of ten shluchim or more, and there must be a coordinator available to collect premiums.

Extra benefits included:

Accidental Death” – this doubles the death benefit if you are chas v’sholom killed in a car accident.

Dismemberment” – with the loss, chas v’sholom, of one or more major limbs, an additional amount (50% or more of the benefit, depending on the limb(s) lost) becomes payable.

Waiver of Premium” – if you become disabled and are unable to work, payment of premiums can be waived.

If you have any questions or would like to enroll, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact details:
The Shluchim Office
Adam Brooker
E-mail:  abrooker@shluchim.org
(718) 221-0500 x3043