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It’s been over twenty years since the young couple, now middle-aged, moved to the town their kids call home. And little Chanie—that beautiful toddler who won the hearts of her parents’ every Shabbos guest, who has shlichus in her blood—is now a wonderful young woman. Who has just become a kallah. Her Chabad community—from the Shabbos regulars to the Hebrew School parent body to the seniors on the mivtzoim routes—is thrilled beyond words. For Chanie is their child, too.

Shluchim know this well. They know that, in the spirit of chaveirim kol Yisroel, their personal simchahs at their children’s marriages are their communities’ simchahs too. And in the spirit of shlichus, nothing less will do than a distinguished, dignified wedding—one that allows the joy-filled parents to simultaneously celebrate and educate.

But it costs.

That’s why the Shluchim Gemach offers loans to shluchim marrying off their precious children. Because there’s no reason a little money should come between a shliach and his community when it comes to celebrating their shared joy.
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