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A shliach and shluchah can celebrate their “Bar Mitzvah year” on shlichus in more ways than one.

These hardworking couples are typically blessed with children growing up on shlichus—and when a son becomes Bar Mitzvah, the shliach/shluchah’s personal joy is their community’s joy. And not to miss this exquisite opportunity to demonstrate the richness, beauty, happiness and fulfillment of Judaism in a very real and personal way, the shluchim put on a respectable celebration that welcomes the entire community to behold the little boy they all know, now suddenly a man.

But such Bar Mitzvah affairs—outreach opportunities couched in the contexts of social events—can be costly. That’s why the Shluchim Gemach provides Bar Mitzvah loans to shluchim who have reached this magnificent milestone in their lives. Because a proper shliach’s son’s Bar Mitzvah celebration is something no shliach should ever have to pass up.

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