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To apply for a Shluchim gemach, please provide your the information requested below.

Personal Information

First Name

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Work Phone

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Regional Shliach
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CARS for New Shluchim

Loan conditions:

  • Applying shliach must be in his first year of shlichus
  • Applying shliach must cover his own budget
  • Loan is to be repaid in monthly installments over two or three years
  • Loan is to be used exclusively for purchasing a new or quality-condition used vehicle
  • Loan will provide up to a maximum sum of $5,000.00
  • Payment installments should be made with head checks from a U.S. bank along with a credit card

When did you go on Shlichus?
How many vehicles do you own or lease?
How much do you intend on spending on the vehicle?