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 Kaddish in Katmandu? No problem!

 Kosher food in Boise? Sure thing!

 Advice for a troubled kid at college? Naturally!

 Shabbat candles, Tefillin, Chanukah, Passover anywhere in the world? Of course!

Chabad emissaries are at their posts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in virtually every time zone, country, community or campus where there are Jews to be found.

And there is nothing— yes nothing—they won’t do to help a fellow Jew.

Sometimes behind that megawatt smile, the non-stop exuberance, the incredible energy, the boundless faith, are a father and mother who have to marry off a child, or cover a medical emergency, or pay off more bills than they can personally manage at that particular moment.

Which is why some friends of Chabad—people like us who have personally witnessed and benefited from the Rebbe’s shluchim—are creating an interest-free loan fund. This Shluchim GeMaCH will help these selfless emissaries—anywhere and everywhere in the world—when they need a little help themselves.

The fund will operate very much like a bank—issuing loans to the most trustworthy borrowers in the world. These loans will have fixed terms and zero interest. The fund will be managed by the central Shluchim Office in Brooklyn which will serve as its clearinghouse.

But the capital for this ‘bank’ has to come from somewhere. And we’re counting on your very generous help.

The shluchim of Chabad are manning their posts around the clock and throughout the year. They move to the remotest corners of the globe, not for a few months or a few years—but for their entire lives. They sacrifice home and hearth, creature comforts, economic opportunity and the social lives of their children in order to be there for you.

This is a golden opportunity to give something back.

Your gift to the Shluchim GeMaCH will make it just a little bit easier for emissaries of the Rebbe and their families who happen to encounter a temporary economic snag. And every dollar will be recycled over and over and over again in the years and decades ahead.