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Welcome to GiveShliach.com—the online home of the Shluchim Gemach.

Now you know what the “Give Shliach” promotional campaign is all about.

The Shluchim Gemach provides interest-free loans and quality-of-life services to the shluchim.
Our interest-free loans currently focus on three areas that have been shown to be the most costly for shluchim: Marrying off children, obtaining automobiles (critical to shluchim’s success, as you know), and celebrating sons’ Bar Mitzvahs.  We also provide an out-of-town catering arrangement for shluchim in remote areas, and
The point of the Shluchim Gemach is two-fold:

  • To provide a fund for interest-free loans and quality-of-life services that address critical needs in the daily life of the shluchim; and
  • To unite Anash in the cause of helping our brethren the shluchim.

And the point of Give Shliach is to start your involvement with the Shluchim Gemach—by giving “שליח ”: $348.
Think you can’t make a difference in a hardworking shliach’s life? Think again. “Give Shliach” is the call to action.
By giving $348—once a year, in monthly installments, or even two or three times the amount of שליח —you’ll be giving the shluchim your ongoing support.
Show the shluchim how much their dedication means to you.  Begin your career of tax-deductible support for the shluchim now.